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Microbe Concert

April 20, 2011

Here’s my BF, Nebula, and me at the Microbe concert! BEST. NIGHT. OF. MY. LIFE.

Cute outfits, right?


Zetus Lopetus!!

April 19, 2011

Well I made it back to the space stay just in time to save the day. I knew that Lutz and Windom were up to something and thank goodness I was able to figure out their evil plot before the entire space stay came crashing down. Now that I’m back in space, I’m actually a little surprised at how much I miss Earth. I miss Greg and all of my friends (well maybe not Margie) and I miss the fresh air and the scenery. While no one can beat the view of Earth through your window every morning, it is much prettier on the surface than I ever would have imagined. It is even weird for me to be back up here and not feeling so weighed down by gravity. The space stay will always be my first home, but Earth wasn’t so bad once I gave it a chance. Well I’m off to the Microbe concert – can’t believe that I am the new BF of Proto Zoa. Can my life get any better?!?!?!

Here’s us before the concert! Can’t wait for tonight!



April 18, 2011

Greg took me to dinner today and I have to say my life has completely changed. The food here on Earth is amazing. Who would have guessed that something called an o-ring could taste so good? There are so many options here because they aren’t limited to what they can grow in space. I had no idea that any of these foods existed. I’m trying to figure out a way to get onion rings into space but I think my parents would have a freak-out major if they knew I was eating fried foods.

Bring these to the space stay!


Research Technology

April 16, 2011

Zenon’s parents are on the Space Stay because they are doing research. The research they are doing on bone marrow density can only be done in space because they need a lab with a weightless chamber. Here on Earth, weightless chambers are called spaces of zero gravity. Zero gravity training is used most often to train astronauts, since our idea of space is one of zero gravity. It is ironic that Zenon is able to walk around and live normally when zero gravity is the norm in space. The cause of this might be that sometime between 2011-2049 we found a way to displace zero gravity and make space a place with gravity. It would be the only way that Zenon could live the way she does in the movie. Since her parents need a weightless chamber, the ability to harness zero gravity in a confined space has also been discovered.



April 16, 2011

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Computers are another area where 2011 has surpassed the gadgets of 2049. The computers in Zenon’s world have simple graphics and seem to be just used for data input. Today’s computers have advanced graphics and are used in many diverse areas. Computers allow users to watch movies and television in high definition. They can showcase photos and videos. The screen is seen as an artist’s canvas, and is a vehicle for expression. The one similarity is the development of speak and type softwhere. Wyndham talks to his computer and the computer types what he is saying. Today, we have this technology, but it is not as mainstream. There is no one company who we can turn to for this ability, and there is constantly problems with spelling mistakes.

There are also differences in the physical look of computers. In Zenon’s time, computers were grey and bulky—they had not advanced from the 1990’s model that was probably around when the movie was made. How can they think that in fifty years time computers would look the same? Computers today are lightweight, portable, and desktops are almost obsolete. The laptop that is shown in Zenon is big and clunky, and probably no more portable than a desktop. Computers today are also smaller. It seems that Zenon has not taken account of the growing trend towards nanotechnology. Consumers today want things smaller, and there is no technology that is unaffected by this trend. Zenon’s time may have had the theory that the bigger the gadget, the more information that can be captured.


Zenon Inspired Makeup Tutorial

April 15, 2011

The futuristic aspect of the Zenon movies has inspired some fans’ fashion/makeup choices as shown in this YouTube video:


New Experiences

April 14, 2011

I went on a bike ride and rode a horse with Greg today. I’m doing so many earthly things! Both activities were so much harder than I would have imagined. Who knew that riding a bike on Earth was so different from riding a bike in space? I mean – I know the bikes in space are stationary but you would think they work the same way. And the horse? Zetus Lupetus is that a huge animal. I had no idea how many different species there are because we don’t have animals in space. I’ve only ever seen them in projections and I can tell you that it is a different experience major when you are actually standing next to a real horse.

My parents always told me that everyone on Earth was unhealthy and fat and life in space was a much better way to live. But Earth is so different than I thought. The people here are nice and there are so many things that I didn’t know about until I got to experience them for myself.

Here’s Greg and me on the horse! Neb – can you believe that I actually did that!