April 16, 2011

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Computers are another area where 2011 has surpassed the gadgets of 2049. The computers in Zenon’s world have simple graphics and seem to be just used for data input. Today’s computers have advanced graphics and are used in many diverse areas. Computers allow users to watch movies and television in high definition. They can showcase photos and videos. The screen is seen as an artist’s canvas, and is a vehicle for expression. The one similarity is the development of speak and type softwhere. Wyndham talks to his computer and the computer types what he is saying. Today, we have this technology, but it is not as mainstream. There is no one company who we can turn to for this ability, and there is constantly problems with spelling mistakes.

There are also differences in the physical look of computers. In Zenon’s time, computers were grey and bulky—they had not advanced from the 1990’s model that was probably around when the movie was made. How can they think that in fifty years time computers would look the same? Computers today are lightweight, portable, and desktops are almost obsolete. The laptop that is shown in Zenon is big and clunky, and probably no more portable than a desktop. Computers today are also smaller. It seems that Zenon has not taken account of the growing trend towards nanotechnology. Consumers today want things smaller, and there is no technology that is unaffected by this trend. Zenon’s time may have had the theory that the bigger the gadget, the more information that can be captured.


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