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Zenon Inspired Makeup Tutorial

April 15, 2011

The futuristic aspect of the Zenon movies has inspired some fans’ fashion/makeup choices as shown in this YouTube video:


Fan Fiction

April 12, 2011

Fans from all over the world use the Internet to continue the Zenon movies beyond their endings aired on TV. The stories are each written in varying points of view and focus on varying characters – not just Zenon. Here are several examples:

An archive of even more fan fictions can be found here.

Remixing – Coming Clean

April 7, 2011

Here is another example of Zenon fans remixing the Zenon movie in order to create new media/content and new meaning to it.

The song used in the video is “Coming Clean” by Hilary Duff. It is used to show how life on Earth ended up being a positive experience even though she was not looking forward to it. Even after Zenon got back to space she missed the friends she had made on Earth.


Remixing – Misery Business

April 4, 2011

Here is an example of Zenon fans remixing the movie in order to create new meaning and media surrounding it.

The song is by Paramore and is called “Misery Business.” Its about how good the singer feels when stealing the boyfriend of a girl that doesn’t like her. In the movie, Margie likes Greg before Zenon comes to Earth. Once Zenon is on Earth and it is apparent Greg likes her, Margie tries doing whatever to sabotage her. In the end, Greg and Zenon end up together. Although the plot of the movie does not match the song’s lyrics perfectly, to emphasizes Zenon and Margie’s rivalry in a different way than the movie does.