Zap Pads

April 13, 2011

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Though some aspects of Zenon’s technology is ahead of the technology of 2011, we are more advanced than they ever thought possible on a few gadgets. Zenon is glued to her Zap Pad, which is a tablet that allows her to make calls and visually have a conversation with the recipient. In Zenon’s time, these Zap Pads are big, bulky, and clunky. They are an ugly grey and even she cannot make hers attractive. Zap Pads have replaced telephones in space. These tablets can be used both in space and in Earth, a testament to the fact that though Earth may be behind space in some ways, it is not that far behind.

Today, we have the iPad and the iPhone. These gadgets perform all of the functions of a Zap Pad, and many more things that Zenon could never even dream of. The iPhone and iPad both have “facetime”, which lets the user call another user and speak with them virtually. The iPhone is a form of a cell phone, which is not available in Zenon’s time. As Zap Pads had replaced telephones, cell phones (such as the iPhone) have completely replaced telephones in today’s time. The iPhone and iPad also succeed in another area where the Zap Pad fails—style. While Zap Pads are grey and bulky, iPads and iPhones are small, portable, and cool looking. They usually come in white or black, but never grey. They are svelte enough to fit in a pocket, and provide exceptional graphic quality, much better than that of the Zap Pad.

Though the comparison can be made between the Zap Pad and the iPhone and iPad, we cannot negate the fact that these are both Apple products. We must wonder, if Apple never entered the business world and created these gadgets, would we be using anything similar to them today? Would we have even past the technology of the Zap Pad? We cannot take for granted the effect that this one company has had on the performance and look of our technology today.


Fan Fiction

April 12, 2011

Fans from all over the world use the Internet to continue the Zenon movies beyond their endings aired on TV. The stories are each written in varying points of view and focus on varying characters – not just Zenon. Here are several examples:

An archive of even more fan fictions can be found here.

It’s like living in a black hole…

April 11, 2011

So living on Earth is seriously just as bad as I thought it would be. There is this awful girl named Margie who has the worst taste in clothes and the worst personality. She keeps trying to make my life a living black hole.

Here she is. Thank goodness she isn’t up to speed enough to actually read my blog.


GPS Autopilot

April 10, 2011

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The kids are able to drive the car on Earth because of futuristic technology. The car has a GPS system, much like those in 2011—but it was definitely not invented yet when this movie was produced. The main difference between the GPS system of today and the one of 2049 is that the futuristic GPS system also serves to autopilot the car. All the driver needs to do is plug in the ignition code, departure and destination points, and the car will take them there. Today, our planes are on autopilot, but we have not discovered yet how to do this with cars. In Zenon’s time, traffic and roadblocks do not seem to be a problem, possibly because the car can sense them and knows how to respond.

This technology seems somewhat impossible because driving is affected not just by one car, but by all cars on the road. For this technology to work, all of the cars must be connected and in communication and human override cannot be an option. From one perspective, human control could be the biggest roadblock in terms of why this technology has not been developed. People enjoy driving and like to be the one in control of the car. They second guess accidents and test reaction time on a daily basis, and that could be the reason why autopilot cars may never be developed—not even by 2049.


Cosmic Tragedy

April 9, 2011

Zetus Lupetus! I can’t believe that my parents seriously sent me here to Earth. What a punishment major! Earth is so different from the space stay. I don’t even know if I can handle it. Everything they eat here is fried and inorganic. I’m terrified to drink the water because who knows what kind of microbes are swimming around in that. I honestly have no idea how people survive down here with all the gravity weighing you down and the food they eat and not to mention the clothes that they wear! Why did no one tell them that drab clothes are a tragedy major? Seriously, I’d almost rather be living in a black hole as opposed to here…


Data Zap

April 8, 2011

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Zenon’s alarm clock, called the Data Zap, wakes her up every morning. It tells her what time it is and then showcases a recorded message (a video of herself) that she has registered previously. The video is Zenon begging herself to wakeup and teasing her when she does not. To Zenon, hearing herself that early is just annoying. Today, we do not have these visual alarm clocks. As we saw in Zenon, it may be better that we don’t. Most people would much rather wakeup to a ringing sound or loud music than their own self.


Remixing – Coming Clean

April 7, 2011

Here is another example of Zenon fans remixing the Zenon movie in order to create new media/content and new meaning to it.

The song used in the video is “Coming Clean” by Hilary Duff. It is used to show how life on Earth ended up being a positive experience even though she was not looking forward to it. Even after Zenon got back to space she missed the friends she had made on Earth.